Divorce Litigation San Diego

If you and your soon to be former spouse can no longer reconcile your differences, the only alternative may be the need for a divorce. Although this is something that you both were hoping didn’t happen, it has finally come down to this difficult, yet only choice that you have left. Here is where you’ll need the assistance and guidance that only a family attorney can provide you with. They will be able to professionally assist you with divorce litigation in San Diego so that you can continue on with your life when this is over. For over the last twenty five years, Mark Shular Law has been working diligently in providing quality legal services for our valued clients.

At the firm of Mark Shular Law, we are considered the number one rated law firm that specializes in divorce litigation in San Diego, and throughout the entire area, providing you with the respect and dignity that you deserve. It is our professional opinion that these types of cases should never be handled without the assistance that only a highly qualified family law attorney can offer you. If is our firm’s main objective that we treat you the way that we would like our friends and families to be treated. 

Whether your divorce is a surprise or a long-expected event, there are certain steps that you should take at the start of a divorce to protect yourself, your children, and your finances. If you have already moved out of your household, you should move back in as soon as possible if you are trying to gain custody of the children. No parent should ever enter a California divorce court without competent counsel, as the chances of losing custody are just that much higher if you choose to go it alone. These are mistakes that you may make if you don’t have a qualified lawyer by your side.

Before you cancel your jointly held credit cards, do not let your spouse know you intend to do so. In the few minutes that it takes to cancel your cards, your spouse could charge a substantial amount of money to them. Kindly inform them that the cards have been canceled after you have done so. Sometimes spouses clean out joint bank accounts. Before you are left with nothing, remove half of the account balance and open a new account at a different bank in your name, only. Notify your spouse that you’ve taken your portion of the account by sending them a written letter.

If you would like some additional information regarding the process of divorce litigation in San Diego, Marc Shular Law would like to invite you to visit our web site at marcshularlaw.com. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, along with any questions that you may have. You can also learn more about all of the family law services that we proudly offer. You may also simply call us at 858.602.5999 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professional representatives.

Divorce Litigation San Diego
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