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Divorce is usually handled by a divorce lawyer but there is no reason why, if your family lawyer has experience in the field, he cannot help you. He will be looking out for your best interests by doing things like getting you your share of property, helping you maintain custody of your children, working out your alimony and making sure that it is paid and so on.

Legal Separation

Sometimes you want some time apart from your spouse without necessarily getting a divorce. In such cases it needs to be stated very clearly who is entitled to what and when. Your family lawyer can help you get the details down right and make sure that both parties stick to them.

Child Custody

Divorce and Family Law Attorney CaliforniaCustody matters can be very difficult. Each parent feels that the children are best served by staying with them. Since you don’t want to lose your children you need to engage the services of a family lawyer early in advance, they will fight to ensure that you get your wishes where child custody is concerned.

Child Support

Once you have a child with someone they are required, whether you are married or not, to help bring up the child. To make sure that you get paid on time each month you should ask a family law attorney to follow up the other parent and make sure that they meet their obligation.

Division of Property

Property is a sensitive issue especially when there is a divorce or when there is a death in the family and there isn’t a will. If you want to get what you feel is rightly yours you should ask a family lawyer to step in. They will assess the situation and let you what you can and cannot get. They will also step in and argue on your behalf either before your family or in court.

Spousal Support

The time has come for you to divorce your spouse but you are accustomed to the quality of life that they have been giving you. Legally, they are required to continue to offer you the same kind of life through spousal support. To make sure that you get what you deserve you should hire a family law attorney to follow up.

Premarital and Post Marital Agreements

You have decided to get married but you want to make sure that you are protected should your spouse violate certain terms that you have agreed upon. You can enforce these terms by having a legal agreement drawn up by a family attorney.

These are not the only things that a family can do for you. If you have a family problem that requires legal advice find a family law attorney near you and ask him  if he can help you.