Child Custody San Diego

The San Diego Child Custody Services And Its Activities

When a divorcing or separating parent cannot decide on a child-custody sharing pattern or arrangement, the San Diego family court services steps in to find an amicable solution which would not involve court hearings. This is a compulsory mandate by the family code section 3170.

The family court services or child custody services help to provide needed counseling in child custody cases. This service is provided in a private office in the presence of a family court counselor. The aim of this session is to be able to arrive at a mutually acceptable arrangement which would be to the benefit of the child or children. These sessions have an average period of one and a half or two and the half hours.

If this counseling session is successful and the divorcing or separating parent can reach a mutually acceptable arrangement regarding child/children custody, then the decision is communicated to the court through the attorney and a court hearing will be averted. But if the parent cannot still agree even after this counseling sessions, then the family court counselor communicate to the court and a court hearing is carried out.

The San Diego family court services play an essential role in the realization of a functioning community. The welfare of the child is central to the activity of the service.

For proper growth and the development of good morals in children, it is important that a child enjoys frequent contact with both parents. Each parent has a certain role to play in the life of the child, a role the other half cannot sufficiently play. So it is essential for a married parent to strive to remain together, for the benefit of the child. And in unfortunate cases where parent or couples cannot continue to remain together, the San Diego family court service is to ensure that the child still enjoys regular visitation and companionship of both parents.

The FCS also ensures that both parents are playing their individual responsibilities appropriately, as well as enjoying their right to the child as they should. It is common for couples to bear animosity towards one another in the dissolution of a marriage or relationship, and this animosity can be in the form of defaulting on the payment of child/spousal maintenance fee, depriving the other partner right to visit etc.

The knowledge that there is a possibility for this to happen, it is the responsibility of the court to ensure that the parent is sharing responsibilities as they should, and they are enjoying their rights to the child.

And in cases where both parents are not capable of ensuring the proper welfare of the child/children or both parents are not willing to continue the upbringing of the child or cases where both parents are dead, the Family court services is to ensure that a competent guardian, who is a relative, take custody of the child.

The service is to investigate to find out that the guardian would not maltreat the child. And even after taking custody of the child, the family services could still pay unscheduled visits to the family to ensure that all is well with the child.


Child Custody San Diego
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