Discovering Hidden Assets La Jolla

Five Ways Of Discovering Hidden Assets In La Joya

Divorce cases can be messy especially when it comes to finances. In the average household, one spouse is usually in control of the finances. But with divorce in the mix, things can get dicey especially since said spouse in control may want to increase their share of the funds by hiding assets. If you want assets and debts to be divided fairly, then you’ll need to uncover any hiding asset and bring it to the sunlight. Here are five ways of discovering hidden assets for La Joya residents.

1.         Looking Around

Sometimes the evidence you’re looking may be right under your nose waiting to be discovered if you just do a little digging. That’s why the simplest and easiest way to see if your partner is hiding away any asset in the divorce is to look around. Your partner’s mail has been coming to the same address for years, and although you may not have noticed anything before, now is the time to give it another look.

Your partner probably also stores important documents in his den, all of which can help paint a picture of their financial portfolio. What you’ll want to do is to make photocopies of any document you feel will be relevant to your divorce case and return the originals to where you found them.

2.         Ask for Financial Documents to be Produced

In every divorce case, you have the right to demand that the other party and disclose any and all financial documents that are pertinent to the case. Since it’s a divorce case, and assets and debts are on the line, you can expect that an array of documents is relevant.

Going about this involves your divorce lawyer requesting for the production of any relevant document such as bank statements, retirement account statements, individual and business tax returns. These demands can be painful to make, but they are designed to leave no stone unturned in discovering hidden assets.

3.         Subpoena your Partner’s Employers for their Employment Records

Another powerful but often overlooked tactic you can use in discovering hidden assets in La Joya is to subpoena your partner’s work file from their employer. This tactic is particularly useful if you're concerned that your partner may have been funneling money from his employer to a separate bank account. Going through their employment record will let you see all monies that the employer has paid during his stay.

4.         Demand that Your Partner answer Yes/No Questions

You can also have your partner answer written Yes/No questions under oath. These are called requests for admissions, and you can have your lawyer draft and serve as many as needed. You could also have your lawyer take your partner's deposition under oath.

5.         Go to the Court for Help

Sometimes, all other available avenues may not pan out. In such situations, your best bet is to go to the court for help. If you have an experienced lawyer with you, they can convince the judge to order your spouse to comply with your disclosure requests.

There you have it. Five ways of discovering hidden assets for La Joya residents. Of course, the most important thing to have on your side in a divorce case is an experienced lawyer so don’t hesitate to get in contact with one.


Discovering Hidden Assets La Jolla
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