Divorce Mediation San Diego

3 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Divorce Mediation In San Diego

Filing for a divorce over a failed marriage can be a cumbersome task, especially for couples that have achieved so many things together during the marriage. The hard times are now staring you in the face, and the only option you are left with is having a divorce. You don’t know what it truly takes to have the divorce peacefully and settle amicably. Court proceedings for divorcing couples involves examining a lot of facts to justify the sides that are either wrong or right. In the course of this legal tussle, a lot keeps running in the mind of the opposing sides. In whose custody will the children be after the divorce? What are the obligatory fees you must pay to your ex after the judgment? Who will evidently be in control of the property you both took years to acquire? These are some of the questions raised by spouses seeking a divorce.

But with the help of an expert in divorce mediation in San Diego you will be able to skip the messy parts of the divorce. Here are some reasons why you should opt for divorce mediation in San Diego:

1. Secrecy

High-profile cases of divorce are news for media houses to feed on. In court proceedings, you are required to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth after swearing an oat in public. So, all your confession can’t be confidential, and whatever you say in court will be debated by the public for a long time. But if you must seek a divorce and you don't want confidential matters released to the public through your confession the best option is a divorce mediation in San Diego.

2. Cost

A court proceeding for a divorce may take months or years depending on the complex issues that need to be clarified before a judge can pronounce judgment. As such, you will need a lawyer to stand in for you. Depending on the time duration, a divorce case can make you bankrupt. In this regard, a divorce mediator can save you from spending so much on a court case.

3. Time

Court proceeding in a divorce case can take many years before a conclusion is reached. This is because a lot of evidence will be required to prove the genuine reason for seeking the divorce in the first place. Because a divorce will automatically affect both parties especially when children are involved, judges and lawyers are careful to handle such cases with precision. But with the help of a divorce mediator, you don't have to wait that long. Every issue is discussed by the two parties and the mediator until they reach an agreement that will benefit both sides. Matters concerning sharing property, money, child support, alimony, etc., can be discussed in the presence of a mediator quietly.

On this note, if you have unrecognizable problems with your spouse and you feel it’s time to let go, the best option is to get a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator will do same work a judge would, but you wouldn’t have to go through a long messy battle with your spouse.


Divorce Mediation San Diego
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