Legal Separation San Diego

Divorce Versus Legal Separation In San Diego

A divorce can be tough on everyone. This may not be an option. A lot of couples simply take the matter into their own hands and decide to live separately. However, when you are legally separated, it means that this is now more formal. You are still married, but by law you are separated.

The Advantages of Legal Separation in San Diego

This can be a time when a couple decides to divorce. It can be messy when you are living together. You will be planning the basic formalities. There may be a child custody case coming up. This is obviously awkward for the whole family. It can take time for divorce to go through, and more frustrations develop. In a case like this, the whole family will appreciate it when the couple lives separately.

Some people decide to take time out, and this is the reason for this type of separation. In doing so, they are able to work on their own relationship. It can sometimes be easier for children to handle this type of a relationship between their parents. Divorce can lead to many other emotions, and is obviously stressful. It is also financially draining, which is another reason why more people opt for legal separation in San Diego.

A more common reason would be on the grounds of various religious beliefs. People who come from a strict religious background are often not able to get divorced. When you decide to become legally separated, it means that you able to stay married, but you stay in separate homes.

Knowing what is Required

Since this is legal, there will be clauses that the couple will adhere to. There will be certain duties that they are responsible for. The court will come to a decision based upon their personal circumstances, similar to that of a divorce. For example, when children are involved a lawyer will sometimes be required to help plan child custody as well as financial support.

A couple may have a trial separation, which is not legal, but they will decide whether they want to take it to court should they decide that they want to make it legal. This will be helpful for the division of property. When a couple live separately and don’t plan on getting back together, they will have additional responsibilities relating to the division of the property as well as any debts that have incurred. In a permanent separation, the couple will have the responsibility of sharing the debts.

When Finances are Concerned

Money is involved with any marriage and with any divorce. However, there are also dollars and cents that add up when you want to get legally separated. In saying that, many people will actually prefer to be separated because of the large sums of money that are involved in a divorce. However, the legal agreement will ensure that you have a leg to stand on. You will have something in writing. Over the years, there will be assets that you have, and if your spouse has sold these, for example without a formal agreement, it is basically your loss.


Legal Separation San Diego
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