What To Do After Being Divorced

What To Do After Being Divorced

After being divorced, don’t expect your ex to be reasonable. Many divorces end amicably, but just as many end in ugliness. It’s important to remember that you can only control your own actions, so don’t keep your expectations too high. Focus on yourself. That being said, don’t go trying to hook up with your ex. This can make things even worse (and often does), which could lead to a disruption of the child custody schedule, more alimony, or a host of other things. It’s important to move on.

Go to Counseling

Not going to therapy or counseling is often a mistake. Being divorced is a traumatic event. Don’t try to be hard as steel—if you didn’t like your last therapist, find a new one. The important thing is to find someone you trust, so that you can work on yourself and heal the wounds gathered from being divorced.

In the same boat as counseling and working on yourself, absolutely don’t speak badly of your spouse on social media. This can also come to bite you. The whole world sees what goes on Facebook and Twitter and such, and those posts can come back to haunt you in more legal problems. It will do you no good to air out your dirty laundry, and can easily do a lot worse for your divorce case.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Reach out to your friends and family, even if they’re married. Just because you no longer are, doesn’t mean you should cut off all married couples from your life. Seeing the happiness other people has just might help spark a new outlook on marriage. Staying alone can lead to more misery, and misery can lead to depression. These are all things to talk about with your counselor after being divorced.

Have a Plan for Future Dates

Every married or once-married person must realize their role in their failed marriage. It’s never a one-way street. For the next chapter in your life, make sure you realize your part in your first failed attempt, what led to being divorced, and you’ll have a greater chance of not repeating the same mistakes, or ending up with the wrong person.

Speak with your lawyer if you need help finding proper counseling or therapy. Marc Shular can help you rise above your woes, and ultimately you might have a new lease on life. Let Marc Shular Law aid you in turning a new page after being divorced, so that you can live a happy life again. Call today if you have any questions regarding divorce or post-divorce concerns.